Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Thursday I met up with Bonnie Beaton and Ron LeRiche at the Fogo Island Ferry depot in Farewell. We were on our way to Fogo for 4 days to work with the Artisans Guild out there. Bonnie was working with 8 women on the art of small batch processing while keeping quality in the product. Ron helped 6 men turn bowls and small lamps. I was there to do several design and pricing workshops.

We had a great 4 days. We stayed at Foleys B&B. Gerard and Darlene provided us with 5 star accommodations in our opinions. It is the place to stay if you go to Fogo Island. The old fashioned house is situated in the town of Tilting and some of the original timbers of 150 years ago can be seen in the kitchen and entrance way.

We kept looking for the great caribou herd - and we were not disappointed. Ron took some great pictures. Bonnie didn't get to see any until our last morning there. They came out in the community of Shoal Bay just to say good by to her.



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